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Fall/Winter 2020 in Berlin and Vienna
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Make The Camera Your Ally

The goal of the camera workshop is to give actors a more profound awareness of their face and body in front of the camera and an insight in the on-set-behavior, the rules, the language and the attitude of film crews.

In order to meet the multiple challenges on set the actors learn »to make the camera their ally« and what it takes to achieve this.

The workshop provides various tools for actors to concentrate a 100 percent on their acting, forget shyness and personal fears they might have and use the apparatus for their best benefit.

All this is possible because the actors learn to deal with wide shot, close up, floor marks, visual axis, focal length, focus, and a new feeling for light and shadow and what it means for their acting.

Camera Workshop for Actors

»In various exercises with the camera, with video play-out and direct playback, we develop a feeling for the cinematic space and the effect of the actor in this«.

The workshop aims to close the gap between the technical and creative processes of film production and the acting schools, which mainly concentrate on pure acting.

If the actor has an awareness of the effect of face and body in front of the camera and an understanding of the cinematic space, he/she handles the camera much more fearlessly and instinctively.

We illuminate processes and structures on the film set in order to lose the shyness in front of the camera and make them your ally. The workshop is designed for actor with different horizons of experience.

  • Structures:
    Structures and hierarchies on set
  • Processes:
    Processes and behaviour during a shooting day
  • Sovereignty:
    Retreat areas, nudity, stunts. What is professional or unprofessional?
  • Overcome shyness:
    Reduce shyness in front of the camera by illuminating the structures and vocabulary behind the camera
  • The cinematic space:
    Detailed explanation of resolution, focal lengths, setting sizes and their effects
  • Perception:
    Exercises to explore the cinematic space, perception of light, walking on markers, glances and blinking. In these exercises we work with video playback so that the actors get a feeling for their effect in front of the camera.

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